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Area Descriptions, Maps and Prices

East Vail
Many people feel that East Vail (from the east end of the Vail Golf Course to the base of Vail Pass) is the prettiest part of the Vail Valley because of the high peaks, the beautiful spruce trees and the many property locations along Gore Creek. It is closest to Denver and has very limited commercial space in stores and restaurants. Because the Vail Valley is the narrowest in East Vail, sun exposure is limited and it is colder in the winter. Also, the elevation is higher than Vail Village which means spring comes a little later and fall comes a little sooner. Our only private school, The Vail Mountain School, with grades 1 to 12, is located in East Vail.

The residential properties there are predominately duplex with some single family sprinkled in. There are a limited number of condominium and townhouse properties. The Town of Vail bus serves this area. The residents of this area are a mix of permanent resident property owners, permanent resident long-term renters, and a limited number of short term rental guests. The Vail Racquet Club (VRC) is located near the center of East Vail. Membership in the VRC is included in any real estate purchase. Memberships are also available for those who do not own real estate. Beautiful Bighorn Park is located near the VRC.
Condominiums start around $225,000. Home and duplex home prices start at $530,000.

The Vail Golf Course
This area is very scenic and close in towards Vail Village. The Golf Course Clubhouse is only 1 mile from Vail Village. Some properties have the picture-postcard view of the Gore Range. Most of the properties are duplex houses with a few single family homes, townhouse and condominiums sprinkled in. Many of the homes front on or overlook the scenic golf course. The Town of Vail bus line serves this area.  The only commercial activity is the golf course club house and restaurant. There is a lot of sun in this area. The people living here are primarily primary and resort homeowners. Geographically this area runs from the east end of the Vail Golf Course to the Vail Soccer Field, Ford Amphitheater, and Northwoods Condominiums on the east side of the Vail Village core.
Condominiums start at around $375,000 for one bedroom. Homes start at over $2 million.

Vail Village and Lionshead
This is our prime location with respect to Vail Mountain. All of these properties are a comfortable walk to ski lifts, shopping, restaurants and nightlife, etc. Many of these properties have good views of Vail Mountain and the Vail Valley and have a sunny southern exposure. Because of the location these are the most rentable properties in the valley. Many of the properties are rented on a nightly basis to maximize rental income. Along with downtown Avon and the Beaver Creek core this is the prime shopping area in Eagle County. The shops are primarily tourist oriented in selection. The Town of Vail free circulating bus covers this entire area running every 10 minutes or less. The properties in this area are mainly shops, restaurants, offices, and condominiums with expensive homes scattered in Mill Creek Circle and on Vail Mountain.  Most of the occupants of this area are tourists. From a facilities standpoint this area offers a movie theater, bars, restaurants, discos, several athletic clubs, pools, saunas/Jacuzzis, tennis, and skiing, the Dobson ice arena, a child care center, a Nature Center and the Gerald Ford Amphitheater for the performing arts.
Because of the location this is also our priciest real estate area with homes starting around $3.5 million and running to over $20 million. Condominium prices start around $355,000 in Lionshead and $545,000 in Vail Village.

Lionsridge / Sandstone
This area begins at the Red Sandstone Elementary School (grade K to 4) just across the Interstate from the Lionshead pedestrian bridge and runs west along the north frontage road to Buffer Creek Road just east of Safeway and City Market. Most of this area is served by the Town of Vail bus. These locations are sunny with great views. There is a tot lot/playground in the lower Sandstone area.

The Sandstone area is within walking distance to Lionshead and Vail Village. There is limited commercial activity in this area. This area is inhabited mostly by local resident owners and long-term renters working in Vail.
Condominiums start around $290,000 and homes range from $700,000 to over $1 million.

Glen Lyon and Cascade Village
This area is adjacent to and just west of Lionshead. It is served with a chairlift from the Cascade Village Hotel. It is all residential except for the Cascade Hotel/Village complex which includes the Hotel, shops and the Aria Spa and Club, which includes a basketball court, a running track, a sports medicine rehab center, and indoor and outdoor tennis. The residents have good views of the western Vail Valley. There is bus service from the Cascade Village Hotel to Vail Village and Lionshead. The residential properties are a mix of homes and condominiums.
Duplex and single family home prices start around $1.2 million. Condominiums and townhomes start around $1.3 million.

Potato Patch and Spraddle Creek
This area is high up across the Interstate from Vail Village and Lionshead with commanding, sunny views of Vail Mountain, Vail Village, and the western Vail Valley to Beaver Creek. There is no bus service. The lower area features the private Potato Patch Club – public restaurant and private pool, Jacuzzi, and tennis courts. Other than this club, there is no commercial activity here. The residents here are both owners and short-term renters.
Prices start around $465,000 for a 1 bedroom condominium, $875,000 for a townhome,  $1.1 million for a duplex home and over $5 million for a single family home.

West Vail
This area includes all of the north frontage road west of Buffer Creek Road called Buffer Creek, Vail das Schone, and Vail Ridge. It also includes all of the area on the south frontage road west of Glen Lyon past the West Vail interchange to Intermountain. Some of these areas started before strict design review was in place so there is a great variance in property quality. There is Town of Vail bus service throughout this area. The north side of the interstate is very sunny with the best views. Many properties south of the Interstate front on Gore Creek which is very desirable. There are considerable stores, fast food restaurants, and shopping around Safeway and City Market on the north side along with a nice park just east of Safeway. The occupants are primarily homeowners and long-term renters who work in the Vail area.
Condominium and townhome prices start around $205,000. Homes are available from about $710,000 to over $5 million.

Eagle Vail
This area is located on U.S. Highway 6 & 24 between the Minturn Interchange and the entrance to Beaver Creek, 7 miles west of the Vail interchange. It is a very affordable subdivision in the Vail area. It was the first totally preplanned subdivision in Eagle County. Because the valley widens where it is located, it is very sunny and the climate is milder because it is 1,000 to 1,500 feet lower in elevation than Vail Village or Beaver Creek. The County provides the bus service. This service is less frequent with fewer stops than that offered by the Town of Vail. Some of the properties are adjacent to the Eagle River, which is very scenic. There is limited commercial activity including a strip shopping center, automotive service, several restaurants, a liquor store and a convenience store with gasoline. This subdivision includes a public golf course and restaurant, a swim club, tennis courts, a community clubhouse, a par 3 golf course, a softball field, basketball courts, a grade school and Battle Mountain High School which serves the Vail Valley end of Eagle County. The residents are a mixture of local homeowner residents, long term renter/local employees, and owner used second homes.
Condominiums start around $140,000. Homes range from $367,000 to over $6 million.

This area includes the Wildridge subdivision high above the town on the north side of the Interstate. Overall Avon is the local resident shopping center for Eagle County because Wal-Mart, City Market and Home Depot are located there. The lower portion of the town adjacent to the interstate and the interchange is primarily retail shops and offices with condominiums sprinkled around Nottingham Lake. There is a nice park with tennis courts adjacent to Nottingham Lake, a new aquatic center, a new library plus an elementary school. All of this area is very sunny. A new gondola from the new Westin Hotel connects directly to the Beaver Creek ski lift system. The Town of Avon has its own circulating bus service, which connects to Beaver Creek Village. The county bus line to Vail connects to Avon also. The lower portion of Avon is primarily for short-term rental guests and long-term employee renters. The owner/resident population is up the hill in Wildridge and Mountain Star.
Prices start at $120,000 for condominiums. Homes range from $385,000 to over $1.7 million.

The upper portion of the town located north of the Interstate, known as Wildridge, has sensational, sunny views of Beaver Creek and Lake Creek and is almost exclusively duplex residential with a scattering of small condominium and townhome complexes. 

See pricing for Avon, above


Mountain Star
A unique, luxury, “one-of-a-kind”, very tasteful, upscale gated subdivision. One of the most private, spectacular, exclusive subdivisions in the Vail Valley. These estate lots are 2 to 10 acres plus greenbelt. The views are the best in Eagle County from Game Creek Bowl to Breckenridge to Beaver Creek to New York Mountain to Castle Peak – a 180 degree panorama. It abounds with beautiful aspen trees, wildflowers, and wildlife. You can’t see or hear your neighbor or I-70. Truly a mountain paradise of only 88 spectacular opportunities on 1,300 acres.
Spectacular single family homes start around $2.5 million.

Beaver Creek
This is our newer ski area started in 1980. It includes all property within the Beaver Creek security gate just south of the roundabout at Avon Road and US 6 & 24, including Arrowhead, Strawberry Park and Bachelor Gulch. This is a meticulously planned, meticulously controlled resort community, which includes a championship golf course, and an athletic club located in the Hyatt Hotel plus a stable, skiing and tennis courts. This is a residential enclave of highly successful Fortune 500 and other professional people. The real estate quality and value are exceptional. Many of the properties are ski-in/ski-out locations. The main street in the village is totally pedestrian. There is bus transportation to Vail plus a circulating free bus and free taxi system within the resort itself. The restaurants and shops are high end/high quality. Many of the properties have outstanding views in sunny locations. The downtown core area includes all commercial activity. Beyond walking distance of this area there is no commercial activity. The downtown area, because of the convenient location, has the highest prices and the highest short-term rentals. Property sizes are big by Vail standards. Condominiums and townhomes range from 1,000 to 4,000 square feet.

Homes are upwards from 4,000 square feet. Most of the homes are single family with a caretaker apartment. There are a few duplex homes. The residents of Beaver Creek are primarily short-term tourists although there are many permanent residents, both owners and long-term renters.

Owners of Beaver Creek real estate are eligible to join the Beaver Creek Club. An old
Gold membership in the Beaver Creek Club entitles you to have lunch in Beano’s, an exclusive private club on Beaver Creek Mountain, free season ski passes for 5 years, and free greens fees with preferred T-times on the Beaver Creek Golf Course.
Duplex and Single family homes start around $2 million. Condominiums start around $400,000. The tonier neighborhoods can get to over $10 million.

Strawberry Park
This ultra exclusive subdivision is located above chair 12 on the west side of the Beaver Creek Mountain complex with some homes and homesites overlooking Beaver Creek Village. Strawberry Park has only 30 homesites ranging in size from .7 to 4.7 acres. All of the sites are ski-in/ski-out. Many of the high mountain views including the Gore Range are overwhelming. This area is very much like Bachelor Gulch in character but without any village or commercial activity. The ski and the road access to Beaver Creek Village is shorter than from Bachelor Gulch. Most of these sites are beautifully treed with aspen and spruce.
Homes start at $10.9 million.

Bachelor Gulch
Bachelor Gulch is the new crown jewel of Beaver Creek Mountain. A few lots remain starting at over $4 million. There are magnificent, exceptional homes with mature spruce and aspen. Many have outstanding views of the Gore Range, Red and White Mountain, the Eagle Valley west of Avon, and/or Castle Peak and the Flattops Wilderness area. Most of the lots are ski-in/ski-out. A small village is located around the base of the Bachelor Gulch chairlifts and also houses the Ritz Carlton Hotel which includes a health club and luxury condominiums. Property owners in this area are eligible to join the Bachelor Gulch Club which includes Zach’s Cabin, a private restaurant on the ski mountain just west of the Bachelor Gulch chairlift with the Cabin Fever run on Stirrup.

The residences include single family homes. Single family “enclave” homes on small lots, townhomes and condominiums.
Current prices start at over $4.6 million for single family or enclave home, $2.9 million for townhomes and $825,000 for condominiums. 

This area is west of and immediately adjacent to Beaver Creek on US Hwy. 6 & 24. The focal point of this gated community is a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course of Scottish design, which is private for Arrowhead property owners. This is one of the private golf courses in the Vail Valley.

The ski area above the Arrowhead Village connects into the Beaver Creek ski area through Bachelor Gulch. Arrowhead is sunny with beautiful golf course views including small lakes and the Eagle River. There are retail shops in the Village at Arrowhead and the Arrowhead club
Condominiums start in the $300’s and homes around $750,000 .


Edwards: The Homestead and Singletree Golf Course
This area is both north and south of Interstate 70 at the Edwards Interchange, 13 miles west of Vail. The Singletree golf course (private) is on the north side. The club house facilities include a restaurant, pro shop, tennis courts and a swimming pool. There are several small parks within the subdivision. This area is very sunny with views of Arrowhead Mountain, the Country Club of the Rockies golf course at Arrowhead, and Lake Creek. There are no commercial buildings, except the community clubhouse. Most of the residents are property owners. The zoning is primarily duplex residential and single family residential and condominiums are included.  South of the Interstate and south of US Hwy. 6 & 24 lies the Homestead, Edwards Village, the South Forty, The Riverwalk Business Center and some miscellaneous subdivisions. This area is sunny with some great views of New York Mountain south of The Homestead in the Lake Creek area. Some properties have frontage on the Eagle River.

The Homestead is a planned community of more than 700 acres zoned for both homes and condominiums. Included with real estate ownership is membership in a beautiful clubhouse facility deeded to the homeowners which includes indoor and outdoor tennis, a pool, a Jacuzzi and a restaurant.
The homes in Singletree start around $495,000. Condominiums start around $399,000.  Homestead homes start around $459,000. Condominium prices start around $249,000. 

Lake Creek Meadows/Lake Creek/Pilgrim Downs
Lake Creek starts south and west of the Homestead and runs south and west back to US Forest Service land adjacent to New York Mountain. This is our close in “acreage area”. Lake Creek Meadows has 2 and 5 acre lots. Otherwise, land parcels run 35 acres to several hundred acres. In this area there is plenty of sun, Lake Creek frontage and some terrific views of usually snow capped New York Mountain. Lake Creek Baptist church sits at the entrance to this area. This is primarily a ranch type residential area. Horses including stables are allowed in this zoning. This is mostly a permanent residential area with no townhomes or condominiums. There are no condominiums and few rental properties in this area.
Home prices start over $895,000. Lots start around $850,000 and land parcels start around $1.5 million and up without housing. There are few rental properties in this area.
Pilgrim Downs is a gated community within the Lake Creek area comprised of about 20 properties of 5-10 acres in size surrounding a common pasture of around 70 acres. Homes in this exclusive area run $2.4 million and up.


Cordillera Valley Club
A small, exclusive residential golf community just west of the Edwards interchange of I-70 just 13 miles west of Vail Village. This community features a private Tom Fazio golf course. This is the only Cordillera neighborhood located near I-70 and near the Eagle River Valley. The golf club house features a first class steak house called Chapparal which is open to the public. Single family homes and single family cluster homes (called “enclave homes”).  These homes have lots of sex appeal and many have outstanding views of New York Mountain and the Lake Creek Valley to the south. This location is very convenient to the shops, nightlife and restaurants in Edwards – just across I-70 to the south.
Enclave Homes start around $1,375,000.  Single family homes start around $1,899,000.

Cordillera/Colorow and Squaw Creek
This is a secluded, acreage area up Squaw Creek Road approximately 4 miles west of Edwards on US Hwy 6 & 24. Squaw Creek and Colorow are ranches with building sites starting at 35 acres. Cordillera is a very exclusive gated community with a lodge and spa, townhomes, 35 acre building sites, 1-2 acre golf course building sites, tennis courts, cross country ski trails and Hale Irwin, Jack Nicholas Signature and Tom Fazio designed golf courses. The design and flavor is both very European and very rustic Western. There is a four star restaurant in the Lodge called Picasso. The golf experience now includes 3 championship, 18 hole courses - the Cordillera Mountain Course and the Cordillera Valley Club and a Dave Pelz par 3 short course. There are no condominiums and few rental properties in this area.
Current land prices start at $95,000 . Homes start around $650,000.

Wolcott- Bellyache I and II
This is the west end of the Vail Valley, south of Wolcott. This area starts on the Wolcott Interchange on I-70 and runs up and over the ridge and down the other side to the south. From the ridge there are spectacular views of Squaw Creek, the upper Eagle Valley all the way to Vail’s Game Creek Bowl and New York Mountain. Bellyache I is on the north side of the ridge and includes 2 acre building sites and a lot of 35 acre tracts which are undeveloped. Bellyache II over the ridge is only 9 secluded 35-acre tracts with good south and southwestern views to Castle Peak and the Seven Hermits south of Eagle. There are no condominiums and few rental properties in this area
Prices for lots are generally in the $149,000 range and up. Homes in Bellyache I start around $349,000 when available.

Town of Eagle
The Town of Eagle has been the County Seat since the late 1800’s. Most of the county offices and the district court are located here. The Vail/Eagle County Regional Airport is just west of town between Eagle and Gypsum. The Eagle interchange of I-70 is 30 miles west of the Vail Interchange. The second backbone of this town has been the ranching community. Many of the homes, primarily single family were built before Vail opened in 1962. This area includes a modern County Fairgrounds where rodeos and other agricultural events are held. Eagle has several newer subdivisions including Kaibab and the Bull Pasture, The Terrace, Eby Creek Mesa and Castle Peak Ranch.
Prices for single family homes start about $199,000 in Eagle, $649,000 in Kaibab, $219,000 in the Bull Pasture, $319,000 in the Terrace, $459,000 in Eby Creek Mesa and $1.4 Million at Castle Peak Ranch.

Eagle Ranch
Eagle Ranch is a small, well planned western community just south of the center of Eagle. The developers, East West Partners and Wright Company take us back in time to scenes depicted by Norman Rockwell in the Saturday Evening Post as a traditional American town of attractive years gone by.

The centerpieces are Arnold Palmer golf course and a 145 acre community park. The charming homes have yards, picket fences, porches, back alleys and sidewalks. The subdivision includes a small commercial area in the neighborhood center – currently a Starbucks, a liquor stone, an Italian Restaurant, a 4-screen state-of-the-art movie theater, a maternity and baby consignment store, a day spa, a hair salon and second floor loft residences and professional offices. There are a variety of residential single family, townhouses, live/work residences, etc.
Lot prices start at about $49,000. Townhomes and condominiums start in the $150’s. Homes start in the high $300’s to over $1 million.

Gypsum Brightwater Club and Cotton Ranch
The Town of Gypsum is 37 miles west of the Vail interchange on I-70 and just west of the Eagle County Regional Airport.

A secluded valley only 35 minutes from Vail and 5 miles from the Eagle County Airport is now the host of a spectacular, private community called Brightwater Club. 973 acres, with more than half set aside for trail systems, open space and the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Golf Course. A peaceful landscape, surrounded on three sides by BLM land that offers owners an unspoiled Colorado living experience, plus all the amenities that bring the joy to mountain living.

A little closer to I-70 and the airport is Cotton Ranch, which features a private Pete Dye golf course.

Nearby are the more modestly priced Chatfield Corners, Buckhorn Valley, Gypsum Estates, Eagle River Estates and Willowstone subdivisions with some locations on the Meandering Eagle River.
Single family home prices start around $300,000 in Chatfield Corners, $178,000 in Buckhorn Valley, $158,500 in Gypsum Estates $295,000 in Eagle River Estates and $244,900 in Willowstone. Homes at the Brightwater Club start at $660,000. 


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